Exciting Projects In The Works

I’m over the moon right now, about a project that’s now well underway.  I’m about to direct a web series, tentatively titled Game On and my collaborators are wonderful.  There are my writing collaborators Keisha Zollar and Zoe Samuel, who are each enormously talented, but together they come at the story with such wonderfully different ideas, which are then honed.  Working with them creatively is a relaxed and productive experience.  Laura Swisher is our resourceful and talented producer, who is managing to make sense of paperwork I couldn’t understand with a translator.  Honestly, this is the most fun I’ve had on a project in a long time, not that my past work wasn’t fun.  Burning Up! is at the submitting-to-festivals-phase, and I’m proud of that film, but there’s something about being in the thick of it that just gets my heart pounding.  Excelsior!

Going through some photos of the past couple months and found this mean looking custom.

Going through some photos of the past couple months and found this mean looking custom.

The production photo collection from the film Burning Up!  Congratulations to everyone for not just doing a professional job, but looking good doing it.

A little more 50th street subway station.

A little more 50th street subway station.

Using time on the platform creatively.

Burning Up! is finally finished and live.  It’s a musical product of the Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop at BMI.  Thanks to the cast and crew who worked very hard on this, I’m proud to call it my latest film.

How cool is this?  Paper statues.  Left to sit, they look like stone, but lift them and well… you get the idea.  Wonderful spin on a classic medium.

12 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

Some wonderful examples of photoshop illusions so well constructed, many believed they were real.  Next time you see an unbelievable viral image online, just remember that anything (fake) is possible.

Are Beats By Dre Headphones Any Good?

Despite appearances, I’m not realy a tech guy.  I like tools when they are useful to me.  I don’t know anything about lipstick, or motor oil, or organic kale, because these are not things that I encounter often enough to waste time on.  Headphones however, are something most people use in some form.  Like most products (Apple being a great example) new users are sucked into a brand because of brilliant marketing.  I see people all over New York listening to music on these headphones, not realizing that they are paying huge sums of money for not very good cans.

The truth is that unless you’re listening to music with a pretty high sampling rate, which no one does unless they’re listening to an SACD, listening to music on fancy headphones is the equivalent of watching an old SD TV show on a movie screen; you’re paying for resolution you can’t take advantage of.

Read this link, and spread the gospel.

More Magic On The Way

I wanted to update you all on what’s happening behind the curtain at Man Powered Films.  At the moment, I’m working on a few projects, and two will be coming good in the next few weeks.  The first, is Burning Up!, the musical by Pam Grayson and Rick Bassett.  The edit is done and now, because this is a film and not a live show, Rick is using the magic of postproduction to sex up the sound design, which was pretty amazing to begin with, so this thing is going to rock.  Second, I’m working with Jordi Magomero on finishing a video art project about magic we started with the participation of the talented Teutonic Tobias Dostal, yet another magician, artist, and friend of mine.  I look forward to showing you all the amazing work that’s been put into these projects, but for now, sadly, I have to keep you waiting.  Until next time!